April 15, 2015

In Car Computer Interfaces

Asside from costom fabrication requirements for in-dash installs, the other developing technology is about the UI. A clean, smart UI that lets you use the touch screen to access all functions and sub-menus is critical in having a fully functional in-car computer. Using a mouse and keyboard while trying to avoid angry soccer-mom and her on-board honor student may be too much for most of us. In fact, trying to avoid cell-phone blabbing, no-turn-signal using, road monkeys is hard enough without navigating display property sub-menus. There will be a perm-link to the discussion board covering this but I also wanted to cover it here. Here are the current UIs of note.

If you have another one to add, please email us.

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March 13, 2015


This is a growing list of vendors that deal in every aspect of in-car computing products. Please send new vendors to the tipline so they can be checked out and Added.

In Car Computers - Complete:

CarBot PC Manufacturers of complete headless / headed in-car computers. This maker uses a special RF remote to control most funtions without having to be distracted by a VGA monitor.

CarCPU Sellers of turn-key systems purpose built for your car. The mild version is simply a box, screen and input devices. The more involved models include GPS and remote.

CappuccinoPC Sells more than in-car systems, they focus on the itty-bitty systems. They have a good selection of hardware for various implementations.

Xenarc Makers of touch screens also sell a number of in-car computers including a 1 DIN model albeit 266mhz. Not sure exactly how useful that is. Their other stuff is pretty current.

Computers - Parts:


Pharos Makes many many wonderous GPS devices for your car. Their iGPS-360 is now included with Microsoft's Streets and Maps 2005. It's a very powerful and useful combo for about $100. That beats $2000 for some Pio-Alpi unitasker.

Delorme Has a spiffy rugged yellow (all things become tougher when painted yellow) GPS dongle for laptops and in-car computers. It comes bundled with Street Atlas USA 2005.


Video Screens

Interface Devices

Power Control




Input Devices

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